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Aug. 18th, 2008

super cute smile


(no subject)

Title: Ontological Inertia
Fandom: One Piece
Word Count: 1114
Summary: The members of CP9 have a discussion about how to avoid suddenly ceasing to exist, and Jyabura reveals his ignorance of basic physics.
Warnings: Spoilers for the most recent Cover Arc. Also cursing.

Link to it on ff.net

Crossposted to one_piece, onepiece_fics, and deathaccountant

Apr. 23rd, 2008



First post!

Ahh, hello~~ I've been a member for a while, and yet I've never posted anything. 8D; So, here's something!

Feb. 15th, 2008




Some new Blueno doodles I did.

View hereCollapse )

Jan. 30th, 2008



Ever wondered what Blueno's mother is like? I don't any more...

 So... I made an interesting discovery when I went to apologise today for not paying my rent on time. I thought I would share it with you guys...

Berlin is a city of many wonders...


Jan. 28th, 2008




I had this image of Blueno and his cat in my head.

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Jan. 26th, 2008

Misc: Hardcore Chinchilla


This fic has no italics in it whatsoever. Huh.

Title: Women and Cats
Pairing: Blueno/Rookmina
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,430
Summary: They're problematic.

In the next fic I post here, Blueno will actually do something badass. Promise.Collapse )

Jan. 24th, 2008

Misc: Hardcore Chinchilla


This one doesn't have Rookmina in it! Just for the record.

Title: By Any Other Name
Characters: Blueno, Jyabura
Rating: PG (Or higher if Jyabura's dirty mouth offends you)
Word Count: 739
Summary: Jyabura, in an attempt to mooch off Blueno's paperwork, discovers something. Something he does not like.

He's never going to Blueno's room again, you can bet on that.Collapse )

Jan. 15th, 2008



Blueno fanart

Two random doodles.

See hereCollapse )

You have permission to smack me with (preferably) blunt objects for not having more than max 20 minutes attention spam to spend on one doodle. Usually less. Much less.

Jan. 12th, 2008

Misc: Hardcore Chinchilla


I felt that it had to be done.

Title: Boring
Pairing: Blueno/Rookmina, sort of (Do I even have to OC tag it?)
Rating: PG-13 for rage and swearing
Word Count:
Summary: Fukurou, after weeks of investigation, had come to a conclusion. One that he must share with everyone. Loudly.

In which Blueno and Rookmina refuse to cooperate, and Fukurou has had enough.Collapse )

Jan. 9th, 2008



Blueno and Ms.Rookmina fanart

My take on Blueno's mystic girlfriend (read here). Sorry runic_binary, I stole her from you and ruined everyone's mental image of her.

See fanart hereCollapse )

Feel free to ignore, it's done in 15 minutes 8D

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